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Earn money with flexible, meaningful work that can make a difference in your local community

by Lindsey Nathan on 9 September 2019 14:35pm 4719

find local, flexible work with a purpose

Close to Hand can help you find local, flexible work with a purpose. Earn money with hours that you set to fit around your commitments, whether childcare, family or other part time work.

We know from personal experience that the balance between childcare and the working world can be hard. It’s not always easy to find work we enjoy that allows us to be back at the school gates come 3pm. Work that could allow you to help others whilst bringing home an income. Or, to find work that allows us to take a day off when our children are poorly without having to roll out those complex logistical tactics; pulling in guilt ridden favours at work or with family, which for some of us isn’t an option without family living close-by. 

You could be in a situation whereby you’d like your child to attend nursery, but the astronomical costs make it tough. With government initiatives such as subsidised childcare for pre-schoolers relying on minimum earning thresholds, you could find work which supports your eligibility. Close to Hand Home Helpers are self-employed and set their own hourly rate, and whether you’re after one client or five, it’s your choice.  

If you aren’t aware of what we do, Close to Hand is an online portal that connects community members needing help at home with other local people, who are able to lend a helping hand. We make it easy to arrange practical help and companionship at the same time as enabling local people to find work that makes a difference. By setting yourself up as a Home Helper on the website, you can view job posts from local people, whether for Mother’s Help, elderly support, post operation care or general domestic work. Our Home Helpers assist across a broad range of activities including meal preparation, helping with a shop, general companionship, ironing, dog walking, cleaning, gardening or being a helping hand to new mums needing a little space to breathe and eat! 

To find out more, read more about the benefits of becoming a Home Helper, written by a Home Helper herself. 

Any questions? Contact us here - we’d love to talk. 

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