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Can I ask for your help?

by Lindsey Nathan on 19 September 2018 13:46pm 2592

Help us make our dream come true

I wanted to share an email with you that I received last week, that put the biggest smile on my face.

It’s fair to see websites these days as faceless corporate machines, but you see Close to Hand isn’t. It’s just me driven by a passion to support independent seniors. I wish I had a marketing budget that matched the size of my ambition to ensure no older person sees off their final years lonely and uncared for.

Here’s the email that got me thinking... what if I asked for your help in spreading the word...


I have just joined Close to Hand. Any tips on how to get the word out there to let people know about this? I would love to help advertise this website it’s such a fantastic idea. I have been looking for a resource like this for a long time.

I have joined your Facebook page and shared it with as many people as I can. My region has a large population of elderly people who could benefit from this service. Also, many of the care agencies in this area don't cover rural areas and this kind of home help isn't on offer. It would be great to develop this resource as it’s so important to the rural community and the community as a whole. I would love to help promote Close to Hand.


I have since spoken to Jane and she is now fully equipped with information about the service and is working hard to spread the word in her local community.

Following this email, I received another one from Home Helper Linda earlier this week offering up her time to help spread the word. Linda is really passionate about the service and is already making a difference locally by providing home help and companionship for people she has connected with via Close to Hand. You can view a snippet of my conversation with Linda over on our Facebook page.

Let’s face it we’re all getting older and so are our loved ones. If we can end loneliness and promote independence for our older generation one connection at a time, then let’s speed up the process and connect more people.

Follow Close to Hand on Facebook and Instagram and if you’ve got any ideas to help spread the word please get in touch.

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