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Q&A with local home helper and mum of two

by Lindsey Nathan on 29 April 2019 14:44pm 2526

Emma registered with Close to Hand in September 2018. She has made several connections via the site and is now providing home help in her local area.  Here, Emma shares with us her experiences of working as a Home Helper and how it fits into her life as a mum of two, and how she feels the service benefits new mums who could do with a helping hand.

Many assume that Home Helpers are for older people. How do you feel your work in the community benefits new mums? 

Home help is a great option for new Mums. Whether it’s your first baby or not, nothing prepares you for the chaos that a tiny person can bring to your life. Sleepless nights and juggling a new baby and school runs is exhausting and everyone needs a bit of help or a break from time to time. 

What would be your top tips to any new mums who might be struggling?

Don’t aim for perfection - there is a lot of pressure to balance having a baby and keeping a job and keeping fit and maintaining a social life and a clean house. Prioritise what is important in those first few months. 

Get out of the house - being indoors all day with a newborn can make for lonely and long days. Try to get out every day and get a change of scenery.  

Ask for help - friends and family will be only too happy to help and so don’t be afraid to ask. Take any offers of help that come your way. If you don’t have a close support network then connecting with someone through Close to Hand is a good option – finding someone local who can pop in to help you out when you need it most will be a lifeline to many.

Talk - share your concerns with friends or family. There is lots of support online and local baby and toddler groups are great for sharing your experiences with others at the same stage of life.

Would you have used a service like Close to Hand if it had been available when you had young children?

A service like Close to Hand would have been great when my children were younger. I didn’t have any local family to help and most of my friends were working and unable to help during the day time when I really needed it. I would also have liked a pair of hands just to do a bit of cleaning, washing and shopping in those first few weeks and help entertain my eldest daughter. I have friends who had caesarean births and couldn’t lift or drive for weeks. I never seemed to have time or energy for cooking so this would have been another area of help that would have been useful. I also have a couple of friends that had twins who would have loved an extra pair of hands!

What are the advantages of being a Home Helper and how does it fit in with your work / life balance? 

As a home helper through Close to Hand I connect with a variety of people and can choose the hours I work to fit in around my own family life. I can still do the school run and visit my clients during the school day. I feel that I am doing something more rewarding and making a positive difference to the person I am helping and their families.

If you or someone you know could do with a bit of extra help in those first few weeks following the arrival of a new baby then register now to browse local helper profiles.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Helper in your local area register here.

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