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Close to Hand is all about choice

by Lindsey Nathan on 28 February 2018 17:50pm 1985

Whether you’re looking for a helping hand occasionally or on set days or you are a Home Helper looking for work on a regular or flexible basis, Close to Hand is set up to cater for you. The website has been designed so that you can configure exactly what suits you.

Home Helpers

For Home Helpers that means you get to set what times you’re available – for some that will be regular time slots on specific days, for others that will be only during term time when the children are at school and there are also people offering their time on an ad hoc basis, as and when they can.

It’s helpful to give as much information about your availability as possible when you complete your profile and if your circumstances change then it’s easy to go back and update your details.

In addition to completing the drop-down boxes you can give more specific details in your personal description and when you make a connection with somebody looking for a helping hand you can discuss the finer points between you.

Home Helpers aren’t restricted in the number of connections they make through the site, so you may choose to split your time and help a number of different people to fill your diary slots.  

It may be the case that you see a post on the website that really appeals to you, but you’re only available for part of the time they need help – why not make contact and suggest splitting the job with another Home Helper.

Looking for a Home Helper

Close to Hand was set up because the founders recognised a gap in providing support for independent older people in their own homes before they needed advanced care. Having worked in the care sector for many decades they could see there was a real lack of choice for seniors looking for a helping hand.

Close to Hand is an online community that enables you to build a network of local contacts who can support you. It may be that you want regular help on set days each week or a pair of extra hands now and again. In each case you can post a job on the Close to Hand website giving as much detail as possible as to what help you need and when.

It is important to note that you can connect with as many Home Helpers as you like through the site – you may find that you prefer to have several people popping in on you, each able to help with different tasks. For example, if you’d like a Home Helper to cook for you and do the gardening, but you can’t find an individual to do both, then you can approach more than one person or post several different jobs.

Choice and control

Close to Hand isn’t a care agency; it offers an online platform for local people to connect and help each other. Who you interact with through the website is up to you and together you can arrange times that work for you; it’s your choice and you are in control.

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