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7 reasons NOT to scrap the Christmas card tradition this year

by Lindsey Nathan on 12 December 2018 14:54pm 1781

Don’t ditch the Christmas cards

That’s our heartfelt plea to those considering not writing any this year. Here’s why we feel so strongly about it – you see Christmas cards aren’t just pieces of cardboard, they’re physical reminders to somebody that you care.

An increasing number of people are choosing to send e-cards to family and friends on social media instead, but it would be such a shame if the tradition of sending Christmas cards was lost altogether. There aren’t many gestures in life that offer such a tangible way of showing someone you’re thinking of them and you’ve taken the time to put pen to paper to tell them so. After all, isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

For many people, and especially for the older generation, nothing quite matches the feeling of receiving a personalised Christmas card that can be displayed proudly in their home.

Here’s our top reasons why you should still send Christmas cards this year

  1. To receive a card means more than you can imagine for people feeling lonely and isolated.
  2. Unlike sending an email or tagging someone in a social media post, sending a Christmas card is a sign of honest interest in their life and a way of sharing your own life. It takes more than a social media post to create meaningful connections and not everybody is on social media.
  3. You can’t touch an email, but you can hold a card in your hand, pick it up and re-read it whenever you want to, display it and treasure it.
  4. Writing in a card offers a moment of reflection and mindfulness for the sender. What you choose to write has the potential to make a significant difference in someone's life today or in years to come.
  5. Cards help decorate a home and breathe life into an empty space.
  6. It’s a pleasure to hear something drop on your doormat and to actually see someone’s handwriting.
  7. Cards are a talking point. Visitors often ask who your cards are from and what they have to say. The benefit of hand delivering cards is that you’ve also got the perfect excuse to start a conversation with the recipient.  

According to the Royal Mail the average Briton sends 18 Christmas cards. Come on, surely we can encourage enough people to use the remaining two cards left from a pack of 20 to join our #onemorecard campaign and reach out to lonely older people in their communities.   


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