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Respite homecare: the importance of taking a break from caring for your partner

by Lindsey Nathan on 13 June 2018 16:52pm 2554

Respite homecare

Respite homecare: the importance of taking a break from caring for your partner

If you’re the main carer for your spouse then you’ll know full well that caring for a loved one can be a full-time job. For your own wellbeing it is important to take regular breaks to recharge your batteries and preserve your own quality of life. Respite homecare could offer you a welcome reprieve.

Making time for yourself
When was the last time you just popped out to meet a friend for coffee, spent the afternoon pottering around the shops and how many of your own appointments have you had to postpone because you couldn’t leave your partner on their own? It is very common for couples to come under strain as they age and looking after a partner who needs extra help and support with everyday living can take its toll.

Getting support and looking after yourself
Taking care of yourself is vital if you are to sustain your energy levels to be there for your loved one; by that we mean that if you are not fit, healthy and ready for the challenges of the day you cannot fully support your less able partner. There is no shame in asking for help and looking for some support for both of you.

Support for couples
Don’t feel like you need to do everything yourself. Respite care can give you a much-needed regular break and time to do things that you want or need to do. Close to Hand is an online service that connects you with Home Helpers nearby, local people who can pop in and sit with your husband or wife, freeing you up to have time just for you.

Close to Hand isn’t a care agency and the Home Helpers listed on the website are self-employed people who can help with tasks such as light housework, going on errands, making a light lunch, supporting you or your partner on trips out of the house and providing companionship etc.   

Time for you
Don’t underestimate your own needs and wants in addition to your role as a carer; a Home Helper can give you the breathing space to do something enjoyable or relaxing. It’s important that you have your own interests out of the house and to make time to pursue them where you can.

The flexibility of having a Close to Hand Home Helper means that you can arrange regular visits or one-off days, as and when you feel you need an extra pair of hands.

What to do next
It’s easy to view Home Helpers listed in your area by typing your hometown into the search box on the homepage. Then to see their full profiles you will need to first register with the site and tell us your requirements.

Registration can be completed in the time it takes to boil your kettle, enabling you to post a job on the Close to Hand website detailing what you’re looking for.

Here’s what one member had to say after using the site to find a Home Helper…

“I am the main carer for my wife who is suffering with dementia. Having a Home Helper to come for a few hours each day to sit with my wife while I get out of the house and have a break has been transformative. I would never have found our helper without Close to Hand and yet she only lives five minutes away and has been a great source of support and comfort for both of us.”  

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