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Planning now to stay independent for longer in your old age

by Lindsey Nathan on 22 January 2018 14:25pm 1986

Stay independent for longer: make plans for your old age

Whether you are in your later years or you’re thinking ahead to your parents and in-laws needing extra help with daily tasks as they age, making care provisions for the future is never a comfortable matter to broach. As difficult as it is to bring up the subject of getting the help you may need further down the line, it is important to plan ahead to stay independent for longer.

Ask for help earlier

As we become less able we still want to have as good a life as possible and that means not leaving it until we’re at crisis point to ask for help. This is where Close to Hand is different to other care providers; in fact it isn’t a care agency at all, but an online community that enables you to build a network of local contacts who can support you or your loved one. That support can come in many different forms – help with the food shopping, running errands, looking after pets, light housework etc. and it’s completely flexible to fit in around your needs.

Avoid loneliness

It maybe that you don’t need help, but you would like company; somebody to share lunch with or to accompany you on a trip out of the house or maybe you’d like somebody’s input on the last clue to complete the cryptic crossword.

Loneliness in old age is a huge problem; a recent poll revealed that almost three quarters of older people in the UK feel lonely. Research shows that its crippling effects are not only detrimental to our mental wellbeing but to our physical health too. In fact, being lonely can be as damaging to us as obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

Keep active, busy and happy

By keeping socially as well as physically active, you can help ward off depression and other mental illnesses and prolong your independence.

Companionship, offered by local Home Helpers can really make a difference in combatting loneliness; having somebody to interact with is the best way to feel connected to society.

When family is not nearby

It’s very common these days for families to be spread all over the UK and so visits from loved ones who live and work away aren’t as frequent as you’d like. Even when your family is close by our increasingly busy lives can make it difficult for regular visits. We’ve had enquiries from people wanting to contact Home Helpers that are local to their ageing parents; people who can be there when they can’t.

Older relatives don’t want to be seen as a burden on their families and they don’t need to be.

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