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Making the most of your profile

by Lindsey Nathan on 12 September 2017 13:56pm 4499

Making the most of your profile
Your profile is your opportunity to sell yourself; it’s your way of telling people what to notice about you and so it’s important you spend some time getting it right. Don’t worry you can come back to it and edit it as many times as you like before hitting the submit button.

Firstly, we recommend you add a picture to your profile to make it more personal. Everyone likes to put a face to a name. Make sure the photo shows you alone, check the lighting, and smile! People want to see a friendly face.

Highlight successes
Don’t be too wordy – provide short bursts of information. Touch on what you have done in the past and what your main achievements have been. What in your mix of skills and experience makes you right for the role of a Home Helper?

Why would you be suited to a job helping people? Are you a parent? Have you cared for a grandparent? Have you ever done any voluntary work?

Focus on your own particular skills and try to avoid making sweeping statements – be specific about your own personal qualities.

Ask for input
Try and think of something unique about yourself that will make you stand out from the crowd. It can be really tricky to write about yourself. Many people feel they are bragging or can’t find enough to say. So, don’t be afraid to ask for input from someone who knows you well. It is often a lot easier to identify strengths in others than it is in yourself. Ask a past employer or teacher for a reference and include excerpts from this on your profile.

Be upfront
Tell people here what type of work you are looking for and are best suited to and what days and times you are free. It is good to be clear about what you are looking for upfront as it will save time for those looking for home help.

Make sure everything you write down in your profile is your own. Be honest about who you are, your experience and what work you are looking for. This site is based on the ethos of helping local people and about building a community based on trust and support.

Proofread your profile before submitting, or better still ask someone else to check it for you. Asking someone who knows you well can be really helpful in making sure you have set the right tone and to determine if it describes you accurately.

All profiles will be reviewed before they go live on the website so please don’t include any offensive language. It will not be tolerated and any profile will be taken down and the member removed from the site with immediate effect.

Don’t forget that your profile can be viewed by anyone who lands on our site. Don’t reveal any personal information that could identify where you live.

Regular updates
Lastly, remember to keep your profile up to date. Log in regularly to add new skills and  references and update your availability.

Profile boosters
Public Liability Insurance - You will be working in someone else’s home and so we recommend you obtain your own public liability insurance to ensure you are covered for any accidental damages or injury whilst at work.

DBS – You can carry out a DBS check yourself by going online and using one of the many companies offering the service. Here are a few examples:

Vehicle insurance – it is worth chatting to your car insurance provider if you intend to provide a chaperone service and drive clients in your car as you will need to ensure you are covered for business use.

Qualifications – include detail about any qualifications you have.

References – ask a past employer or teacher for a reference and include an excerpt in your profile.

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