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What is home help and who is it for?

by Lindsey Nathan on 4 February 2019 12:56pm 5238

home help explained - cleaning photoHome help is for anyone who needs an extra pair of hands at home to assist with practical tasks or to provide companionship.

However, type ‘home help’ or ‘in-home services’ into Google and the first page of search results brings up care homes for the elderly, domiciliary care agencies and live-in carers for seniors. The choice is limited and seemingly expensive.

We want to shake up this view and make looking for help whenever you need it, at any stage of your life, easy and affordable.

Home help is not just for the elderly
Close to Hand recognises that there are many reasons people look for help at home and at certain times throughout their lives. Most of us have either been in a situation where we’ve needed a helping hand or, at the least, we can picture a time when we’d appreciate another person around to offer assistance or an extra pair of hands.

Here’s where Close to Hand is fundamentally different to a care agency; in fact, it’s not an agency at all, but an online service connecting local home helpers with anyone looking for an extra pair of hands on an ad hoc or regular basis. Close to Hand Home Helpers are self-employed and set their own hourly rate, typically between £8-£15 per hour, meaning it’s an affordable and flexible option.

When is getting a home helper a good idea?
An extra pair of hands and a listening ear can be just what you need after the birth of your baby, following hospital treatment, an operation or a fall, coming to terms with a bereavement and living with a chronic illness or disability. At times like these most people want to be in their own homes but being alone at home all day may not be practical.

Home is where the heart is
Your home is your safe haven, a place to relax, to unwind, to recover and recuperate. It’s that feeling when you put the key in the door after a long hard day and you can be yourself in your own familiar space with your own things around you.

Having a home helper to make life easier by taking care of every-day tasks until you get back on your feet can be a lifeline and can give you the independence you need to stay at home.

Home helpers can be there to cover all the practical aspects of day-to-day living:

  • Food shopping & meal preparation
  • Light housework
  • Laundry & making beds
  • Garden maintenance
  • Pet care
  • Assisting with household admin and making calls
  • Chaperone service to attend appointments, day trips etc
  • Companionship

Close to Hand offers you the choice and flexibility of arranging practical help or companionship when you require it and at the same time enables local people to find flexible work with a purpose.

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