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How to write a job posting to attract the right Home Helper for you

by Lindsey Nathan on 15 January 2018 17:03pm 2869

Whether you are writing a job advert for yourself or on behalf of someone else, we recommend you give as much information to potential Home Helpers as you can to give them a real sense of the person they will be visiting.

Here’s a quick run through of what you could include:

  • Who is the Home Helper for; you, a parent, a neighbour and is it for a lady, gentleman or couple?

  • Think about what you/they like doing, including any hobbies or interests; these can be great for conversation starters and pointers for potential shared interests. Perhaps the Home Helper/s can help support any hobbies, for example you/they could garden together, play cards or take the dog for a walk.

  • What is the main purpose for enlisting the support of a Home Helper – companionship, specific tasks and errands or just a visit from a friendly face?

  • It is also worth noting when the help is required; whether it’s on a specific day or time or if it’s a flexible position.

As a guide, we have put together an example job post:

We are looking for someone to pop in and visit my father a couple of times a week, preferably in the mornings.

Dad is 78 years old and has lived alone for the past five years since my mother passed away. He is fit and healthy, although a little slower of late and a little hard of hearing. Dad doesn’t need any care and is very independent, but he would love for someone to pop in and provide some much needed company during the weekdays when we, as a family, can’t be there.

We are looking for someone who is chatty, can help out with a few household errands or light housework and who likes a crossword!


Remember you can edit your job post at any time by visiting your account settings.

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