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Help and support for new mums

Happy new mum who has help at home

Practical help at home

Becoming a new mum is a monumental life change. As well as all the joy and euphoria that comes with welcoming a new baby, those first few days, weeks and months of the journey can be hard and lonely. The mix of emotions is in itself exhausting and you also find yourself coping with sleep deprivation, worry, social isolation and loss of identity, perhaps at the same time as parenting solo or living far from family that would otherwise step in to help and support you.

It’s difficult, therefore, to argue against the benefits of having a little support and companionship during this time. However much you want to appear like everything is in hand, there’s no shame in getting some practical help to make life that little bit easier when you need it.

Allowing someone else to take on some of the mounting household tasks while you take the opportunity to rest, recuperate and spend time with your new baby can make a big difference to your mental and physical wellbeing. Close to Hand Home Helpers can offer that help and support and can pop in and provide you with an extra pair of hands as and when you need it.

Friendship and companionship

It is important not to underestimate the difference companionship and conversation can make during this time; particularly if the person helping out has been where you are right now and can offer support and a listening ear. Many of the Home Helpers registered on our site are mums themselves and so know only too well the struggles of having a newborn.

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Flexibility and choice

Home Helpers can provide assistance on an ad-hoc, short term basis or for a longer term depending on your requirements.  The service provides you with the flexibility to arrange help at times to suit you and offers you the choice to select a helper by searching through profiles of those in your local area.

Home Helpers can assist by:

  • Taking your shopping list to the supermarket to pick up household essentials.
  • Driving you to appointments if following surgery you are temporarily unable to.
  • Popping over once or twice a week to help with the ever-growing laundry pile.
  • Helping with household tasks; running the hoover round, washing up or changing the bedsheets
  • Preparing lunch or an evening meal whilst the baby feeds or needs your full attention
  • Being there on a short-term or ad-hoc basis if you’re solo parenting – when your partner returns to work, works long hours, or is travelling.
  • Helping out with the day-to-day if you’re unwell or just need a helping hand
  • Making a hot cup of tea and sharing much needed conversation!

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Help when you need it

Close to Hand allows you to harness the power of the internet to connect with people in your area, at your discretion, and build a network of local contacts that you can call on. You determine the level of help and the period of time you require it; whether that’s a one off, daily, once a week or on an ad-hoc basis.

From the comfort of your own home, day or night, you can browse local helper profiles and make direct contact via our secure messaging service.

Close to Hand Home Helpers are self-employed and set their own hourly rate which can be found on their profiles; this is typically between £8-£15 per hour making it an affordable and flexible option. Often Home Helpers are mums themselves with grown up or school-aged children looking for work to fit around the school run, or newly retired people seeking local work with a purpose.