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Home Helpers on your doorstep in Eastbourne

Stay living in your own home as you grow older and hold on to your independence with a little help from Eastbourne Home Helpers

Showing Home helper watering plants in garden with elderly companion

Companionship and help in the garden

Home Help, care and companionship

Admitting that you’re slowing down isn’t easy. Everyday tasks that used to take you five minutes, can now together feel like an insurmountable list of heavy burdens to work through. We all feel like that from time to time and you’re not alone. The good news is that there is now an affordable way of getting the help that you need in your own home and on your own terms.

Take back control and enjoy good company

Eastbourne Home Helpers are on hand to support with these household tasks, along with the shopping, walking the dog, getting on top of personal admin and general errands out of the house.

It doesn’t end there, because we can all appreciate that it’s as much about having company and someone to talk to as it is about having the help that makes us feel better and more connected. Having a chat over a cup of tea, playing a game of cards, or pottering in the garden can help give you back your spark.

Find out more about help at home

Find your smile again

Putting on a brave face for your family can be exhausting; you want them to believe that you’re coping at home, so they don’t worry. BUT, not asking for help can be counterproductive. If you fall into the trap of waiting until crisis point before seeking support at home, then the chances are you’ve left it too late and your options become more limited.

A Home Helper can extend your time living independently at home by offering companionship and taking away the stress of all the little jobs that go into making and running a home.

Close to Hand was extended out to Eastbourne to fill a gap in providing support for independent older people in their own homes, therefore delaying, or avoiding altogether, the need for advanced care.

How it works

Close to Hand is not a care agency, instead think of it as a matchmaking website, connecting people looking for a helping hand with local people in search of flexible work with a purpose. It’s an online community that enables you to build a network of local contacts who can support you or your loved one and there’s no similar service like it in Eastbourne.

Start by viewing the Home Helpers listed in your area by typing ‘Eastbourne’ into the search box below. In order to read their full profiles and connect with them you will need register with Close to Hand.

What help are you looking for?

The beauty of Close to Hand is that you determine what help you need and when, by connecting with available Home Helpers in Eastbourne. There are no set packages or time slot restrictions – each Home Helper is self-employed; they set their own availability and hourly rates and these are clearly listed on their individual profile.

To start off with you may just want a Home Helper once a fortnight to help with the food shopping for example, or perhaps you need an extra pair of hands every day for a set period, following an operation. Whether you need ad hoc support or regular contact, Close to Hand is entirely flexible to fit in around you.

Get started

Post a job advert on the Close to Hand website giving as much detail as possible as to what help you need and when. There are no limits to how many Home Helpers you can contact through the site and you may find it easier to have more than one, each covering a different day or job type. For example, you may be keen to appoint one Home Helper for their culinary skills and another because you share a love of gardening. Don’t be afraid to approach more than one person and post several different job adverts on the site to meet your needs.

Affordable help at home

Close to Hand Home Helpers determine their own hourly rate, so you will find there are differences between each; typically, they charge between £8-£12 per hour. It’s an affordable and flexible option; the working relationship is directly between you and your Home Helper.

By using the online secure messaging service, you can agree between you the level of help needed and the frequency.

It’s also worth noting that there may be financial support available to you for help at home. For more information, see Age UK

Contact Home Helpers

First register with Close to Hand and then you can browse through Home Helpers listed in the Eastbourne area at your own leisure.

To contact a Home Helper via the site you’ll need to upgrade to our Premium membership. This is a simple monthly subscription of £12 that can be switched off at any time, or once you have found a suitable match. Re-instating your membership is straight forward if your needs change and you want to appoint another Home Helper at some point in the future.

Post a job ad for free

Remember, that before upgrading you can post a job advert for free detailing your requirements. This triggers an automatic notification to be sent out to all the Home Helpers listed in and around Eastbourne, alerting them to your requirements. If they’re able to fulfil your job, helpers can send you a message via our secure message service. To respond to this message, you will need to upgrade to our Premium membership.

a nice cup of tea with some of our home helpers

Are you looking for help for your parents, an elderly relative or neighbour?

Recent studies show that making care decisions for parents is as stressful an event as divorce, death and moving house. We understand the pressure that you’re under. Close to Hand was set up to address the lack of choice available to people looking for help for their ageing relatives.

Home Helpers can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re not on your own caring for your parents and that there’s somebody close by when you can’t be. They aren’t just there to help with everyday tasks, perhaps the most valuable service they provide is a link to the outside world for your loved one. Having a Home Helper is as much about the social interaction than it is about the practical help. We all crave human connection and feelings of loneliness can be crippling and embarrassing to admit to.

Choosing the right Home Helper for your mum or dad is important, so a good tip when writing your job advert is to include their hobbies and what they love doing most in life. That way you’ll increase your chances of finding a Home Helper with shared interests. Many people assume care agencies are the only option and it’s rare to be able to choose who you have working in your home.

Share the load

There’s no shame in asking for help; let’s face it we all have periods in our lives when life is more challenging, times when a friendly face and somebody to share the load with is a welcome relief.

If you’d like to learn more about how to address home help with your parents and step in before they need advanced care, read our blog.

"Finding Hannah has been a blessing; she pops in twice a week to help me with the food shopping and to provide an extra pair of hands in the garden. I look forward to her visits and our chats. We have become great friends.”

Mrs H. Eastbourne, East Sussex

“She is coming again this afternoon, I am hoping that this will be an ongoing arrangement. Your website is a marvel!"

Mr P. Eastbourne, East Sussex

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