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Our #onemorecard campaign aims to encourage you to drop a Christmas card into a neighbour who you think maybe on their own or lonely.

So, when you buy your cards this year please consider throwing another pack into the basket.

Can't wait to get started?

“Believe me when I say that someone you know is lonely. We are living in an age of acute loneliness and the best thing we can do is to be kind to people in our orbit. Sending one more Christmas card this year to someone who may be delighted by it could start a friendship, make a day or ease some pain.”

Kate Leaver, author of The Friendship Cure

Post smiles

When you post a card to someone, it's not just a card it's a smile in an envelope.

After all cards are physical reminders that people do care and it's often when the cards start arriving that we begin to feel festive and connected to friends, family and our wider community.

child colouring in onemorecard
community christmas onemorecard

Lift spirits

Imagine how many more spirits can be lifted if we each add another name or two to our Christmas card list. Knowing that you've made a difference to somebody's day will lift you too.

Takes 2 minutes

We all know somebody we could send that extra card to and you don't need to know their name... perhaps it's the lady that gets on at your bus stop, the old man walking the dog at the same time each day or a lonely neighbour. Don't be shy, here's your excuse to make that connection.

#onemorecard - how you can get involved

Join our social media campaign
Does your local school want to take part?
Downloadable schools pack in PDF format

Join us on social media as we encourage each other to write #onemorecard.

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Become a Home Helper

If this has inspired you to want to help older people in your local community on an ongoing basis, then register as a Home Helper.