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Sevenoaks Home Care

Sevenoaks home help and companionship - remain independent in your own home for longer

Elderly woman looking for companionship and help

Practical help and assistance

It’s difficult to argue against the benefits of having a little support and companionship at home to make life easier and happier, even if we are reluctant to admit we’re slowing down a little. Sevenoaks Home Helpers can offer friendship and support with everyday tasks such as tidying the kitchen, loading the washing machine, weeding the garden, collecting your prescription and going food shopping.

It’s important not to underestimate the social benefits of having help with these chores too; knowing that somebody is there to share the small stuff with over a cup of tea together can act as a lifeline.


Having a familiar friendly face popping in on a regular basis can raise your spirits and give added health benefits by keeping you engaged and active in your local Sevenoaks community. As we become less able we still want to have a sense of involvement and to lead as full a life as possible for as long as possible, so why not look to extend your independence with a Home Helper.

Close to Hand was set up by a local Sevenoaks mum who recognised that there was a real gap in providing support for independent older people in their own homes before they need advanced care.

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How to find a Home Helper in Sevenoaks

Registration can be completed in the time it takes to boil your kettle, enabling you to post a job on the Close to Hand website detailing what you’re looking for.

It’s easy to view Home Helpers listed in your area by typing ‘Sevenoaks’ into the search box at the top of this page. Then to see their full profiles you will need to first register with the site and tell us your requirements.

Homecare, but not as you may know it

Close to Hand is different to other care agencies in Sevenoaks, in fact, it isn’t a care agency at all, but an online community that enables you to build a network of local contacts who can support you or your loved one. Home Helpers listed on the website are self-employed people who can help with tasks such as light housework, going on errands, making a light lunch, supporting you on trips out of the house and providing companionship etc.

All initial contact with a Home Helper takes place through our secure online messaging system and then when you are ready you can exchange contact details.

a nice cup of tea

Flexibility and choice

It may be that you want regular help on set days each week or an extra pair of hands now and again. In each case you can post a job on the Close to Hand website giving as much detail as possible as to what help you need and when.

Connect with as many Home Helpers as you like through the site. In some cases, it may be that you have more than one Home Helper to assist with different tasks; for example, if you’d like a Home Helper to cook for you and do the gardening, but you can’t find an individual to do both, then you can approach more than one person or post several different jobs.

All initial contact with a Home Helper takes place through our secure online messaging system and then when you are ready you can exchange contact details.

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You’re in control

Just as we choose our friends, perhaps the most important aspect of selecting the right Home Help is personality and shared interests; be sure to include your hobbies and what you love doing most in life, in your job post.

Connecting with a local Sevenoaks Home Helper can provide a valuable link to your community and enable your continued enjoyment in the things in life most important to you.

"Having a Home Helper for Grandma has been a breakthrough for our family and we believe that it’s improved Grandma’s quality of life"

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